U.S.-based POET, the largest biofuels producer in the world has signed a partnership agreement with U.S.-based Al Dahra ACX, a subsidiary of Al Dahra Holding and a leader in the animal feed business for the marketing and distribution of “Dakota Gold”, the premium DDGS product (a corn based feed ingredient) produced by POET. 

 As part of the partnership agreement, Al Dahra ACX will act as the exclusive distributor of “Dakota Gold” to producers of cattle, poultry and other animal species in the GCC and Middle East region.

Producers in the Middle East will be able to incorporate “Dakota Gold”, which is high in quality protein, digestible fiber, amino acids and phosphorus into their feed rations and hence elevate the overall nutritional value of the ration. Supplementing feed rations with “Dakota Gold” further contributes to optimizing milk production in dairy cattle, enhancing efficiency and performance in beef cattle and lowering overall costs of production across various animal species. 

“Dakota Gold” is not only a great source of key nutrients, it is produced in uniform particle size and has unique physical characteristics that positions it in a class of its own, boasting high palatability, high digestibility and enhanced flowability. 

POET’s specialized export teams use trucks, barges and rail networks to access major ports where the product can be containerized or loaded on bulk vessels for delivery to various destinations across the globe. Leveraging the existing supply chain and logistics capabilities of Al Dahra group will also contribute to the seamless delivery of “Dakota Gold” to the end customers in the Middle East. 

On the occasion of the partnership agreement signing, POET’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Lautt commented by stating that “more livestock producers around the world are coming to recognize the incredible value that DDGS has to offer their operations. “Dakota Gold” in particular offers a superior consistency and digestibility to help producers maximize growth and profitability”.

In turn, HE Khadim Al Darei, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Al Dahra Holding commented: “the partnership with POET is another testament to Al Dahra’s ongoing efforts to offer high value feed solutions that contribute to producers’ efficiency and livestock enhanced wellbeing and performance. It further allows us to deliver on our promise and commitment to our customer base in the GCC and the Middle East  by diversifying the feed portofolio offering available to them, improving the quality of the product and nutritional value and providing a secure and continuous supply chain”.

Similarly, Al Dahra ACX’s Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Gordhamer added “we are delighted to partner with POET Nutrition in our mission to deliver Global Feed Solutions to farmers around the world.  With our combined integrated supply chains –Al Dahra as the global leader in forage and POET as the global leader in corn feed products-- we together offer our customers unparalleled security, quality and service”. 

A dedicated team has been assigned the responsibility of promoting “Dakota Gold” and educating the different customer segments on the unique features the product has to offer when added to the total feed ration. The team is headed by Diaa Ghaly, Al Dahra ACX Feed and Nutrition Managing Director. Diaa can be reached on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions and product trials. 


About POET

POET, the world’s largest biofuels producer, is a leader in biorefining through its efficient, vertically integrated approach to production. The 30-year-old company has a network of 27 production facilities. POET, through its joint venture with DSM, also operates a commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa. 

For more information, visit http://www.poet.com/


About Al Dahra ACX

Al Dahra ACX is the top ranked forage exporter out of the United States, and one of the leading exporters of roughage and feed products in North America. For over 35 years, Al Dahra ACX has maintained its top exporter status in international forage markets, especially in East Asia and the Middle East. Al Dahra ACX has been awarded the United States Presidential “E” Award for exports and is listed amongst the top 20 exporters in the United States. 

 Al Dahra ACX manages 11,000 acres across 3 farms in Imperial Valley and Arizona and it operates 4 plants strategically located in prime hay-growing regions of the Western United States with close proximity to major sea ports, producing about 850,000 metric tons of forage annually. It offers a wide spectrum of product categories and quality range to meet individual customer needs. Its product portfolio includes premium and standard grades of Alfalfa, Timothy Hay, Sudan Grass, Oat Hay, Bermuda Hay, and other hay and straw products as well as feed ingredients such as whole Cottonseed, DDGS, Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets, and Soybean Meal. 

For more information, visit http://www.aldahraacx.com/ 

About Al Dahra Holding

Al Dahra Holding is a prominent leader in the agribusiness sector, specializing in the cultivation, production and trading of animal feed and essential human food commodities. 

With an annual production capacity of 3 million metric tons, Al Dahra Feed Division caters for the needs of the dairy industry and cattle growers. The group owns and operates a large portfolio of forage cultivation lands in excess of 180 thousand acres in addition to processing and baling facilities across 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Australia). Through diversified geographic presence, Al Dahra continues to execute on its all-year supply strategy, offering the highest quality feed to strategic markets such as Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Al Dahra has made considerable investments in the production, packaging and marketing of grains. With a stake in Kohinoor Foods, a leading rice producer in India and a fully owned subsidiary in Pakistan, Al Dahra is a key player in the rice supply and trading business with four rice mills and about 400,000 tons annual production capacity. In addition, Al Dahra is a shareholder in Loulis Mills, an expert in wheat milling and flour production based in Greece, producing more than 200,000 tons of flour annually. As part of its fruits and vegetables offering, Al Dahra cultivates wheat, potatoes, corn and various citrus fruits in Egypt in addition to dates in Namibia and the UAE and olives in Morocco. Al Dahra has also entered into partnership with Rudnap group for apples cultivation in Serbia and with Albert Bartlett group based in the United Kingdom for the cultivation of potatoes.

Moreover, Al Dahra is focused on diversifying its investment strategy and has made strong alliances and partnerships within the logistics and supply chain sector and the Chemicals sector.

For more information, visit http://www.aldahra.com/ 


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